Sunday, May 24, 2009


It is time to kick-off a new routine and start a weekly workflow review. I will do it during the weekend, prepare and start it on Saturday and complete it on Sunday with a post. My guess is that it will feel very natural to do this routine, say a year from now, but at the beginning it will be pretty tough and I know that it will create some "overload" and "syntax error" messages during the first period. I have a long way to go before I have everything in place. I hope you will enjoy my journey and I look forward to your feedback on a regular basis. Here is a general plan, a quick draft:

  • Starting week 21.
  • Fully implemented in five weeks, or around the time of Independence Day, i.e., beginning of July.
  • Review of the weekly review end of the 2009. What has worked and what should be changed, added, etc.
  • Annual review of the workflow structure and method as a part of my annual blog report in beginning of May 2010.

I am interested to hear from you who have struggled with implementing a "time management" system, "getting things done" method, productive game plan, different types of "lifehacks", etc. I am also very interested in getting tips on productivity tools, helpful gadgets, e.g., different versions of a "hipster PDA", etc.

I see myself working according to a my own personalized way of getting things done and ultimately achieving my core values and therefore striving for my happiness. [Editor's comment: I have to "chew" Timothy Ferriss' idea on why you should figure out how the avoidance of boredom will lead to positive things.] One of the main points with implementing a new integrated work-life guide is to come in contact and meet new rational individuals, so I could have positive exchange with them regarding ideas and "stuff", according to the trader principle.

I will start out to apply the ideas which David Allen has laid out in his books Getting Things Done and Making It All Work. I got very inspired to really try out these ideas this time around, after participating in David Stiernholm's course in personal productivity. Later on I think my way of doing things will evolve into a personalized system that has been inspired by:

[Editor's note to self: Check out Todoodlist by Nick Cernis of Put Things Off.]

Things to do and next actions:

  • In-basket

  1. Clean out the old stuff.
  2. File the stuff or throw it away.
  3. Start to put new things in it. Plenty of stuff to take care of on the desk.

  • Inbox

  1. Archive 16,380 email messages and counting... [Editor's comment: Please cross your fingers... Last time I did it, Google kicked me out of my own Gmail account!]
  2. Install the latest version of GTDinbox [Editor's note:].

  • Overall

  • Read Kelly Forrister's post, Building a GTD House, again. [Editor's note: Draw my own "house" including Next Actions list, Calendar, Waiting For list, Project list, Someday/Maybe (Tickler file) list and Reference material file...]
  • Check out different mind mapping tools, e.g., MindJet, MindMeister and GoalEnforcer.
  • Install MeeTimer Firefox browser extension.
  • Start using Gtdagenda. Go through reviews of the GTD application, e.g., Review of GTD Agenda by Gareth J M Saunders.

Here is my version of a mental inventory session a.k.a "mind sweep" (homework) from one of the lectures with David Stiernholm.

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