Sunday, October 19, 2008


I have done some changes to the template and moved things around a bit and removed some stuff. The page takes still time to load and I will look into the matter to see how it could load faster. I know that I have some external third party scripts that could cause delays, but I want to keep a few ads that could generate a little money for my blogging and some social media and networking tools. If you think that my blog is too cluttered with stuff, but still want to read it, you could subscribe to EGO RSS feed. I will keep the Sphere feed flare feature so you could check out blogs and sites that are covering the same topics as my posts.

You have about a fortnight in order to decide if you want to give George W. Bush a score card. I think I will retire the Uncle Sam tour poll in the near future. I don't see that a new commander in chief will pay a visit to a new country in the immediate future... Please feel free to give me suggestions on topics for new polls and interactive features on my blog. Do you think it is a good idea to create some kind of survey regarding the election? I recommend you to read Craig Biddle's article, McBama vs. America, and then share your thoughts by writing a comment or linking to an article or blog post that you think is useful to read before the election day.

Have you seen that Cox & Forkum has posted a new cartoon? Here is an excerpt from Allen Forkum's post, Rescue me.

Since stopping editorial cartoons a year ago, John and I have continued creating gag cartoons for my automotive publications. Occasionally one of our gag cartoons will cross over into editorial territory. Such is the case with the cartoon above, which is why I'm posting it here (it's also posted at John's blog). We have no plans to start up again, but it's certainly not for lack of material in the news these days... (, October 14, 2008.)

Rescue me

[Editor's comment: I don't want to rescued by a bailout or receive a handout, but please feel free to voluntarily give me support for my blogging. You could use PayPal as the tip jar by clicking on the "Donate" button in the support section, or if you want to buy something from my wish list at Amazon.]


  1. Hi Martin, just some feedback for you. I decided to click through to the blog just this once to deliver it.

    I read EGO via RSS. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, click through to the actual site because it simply takes too long to load. I have forgotten to do that several times and been left waiting. Please understand that that effect is now part of your "brand identity" with me. I don't forget because I have very well blazened in my mind that EGO is that guy who's blog imposes on me the wait to load it.

    That means I won't participate in your comments threads if you have any, and I certainly have no chance of clicking through any of your revenue generating options. I would highly encourage you to figure out which widgets generate revenue for you and which do not, because I am sure that you are actually missing traffic or driving it away due to the format of the page. I would bet that this is a *significant* amount of traffic.

    All the best,
    Kendall J.

  2. Hi, Martin! I would thin out the widgets that doesnt generate revenue. I read all of my blogs through RSS feeds. When I read something I want to comment, its just annoying to have to wait for the page to load.
    It´s more important to be a part of a dialogue, than a monologue. A blog should be the readers space, not the authors.

    Cheers// Karlotto