Sunday, December 25, 2005


I will be opening the doors to Blue Chip Café in beginning of 2006, if everything is going according to the plan. I am writing on the partner agreement and the constitution for the economic association. We want to get in touch with individuals who are interested in our business idea. Here is an excerpt from my post, NEW FORM OF BUSINESS ENTERPRISE.

One of the business areas is to create a meeting place for entrepreneurs, inventors and investors. The name for this activity is IdeaTank. The "water cooler" [via CotC] conversation will have a central role at our place... The atmosphere should be like a modern version of an old coffee-house. Read the article, The internet in a cup, for more information. (EGO, 12/04/05.)

Talking about entrepreneurship, it was interesting to read the Hot List in Entrepreneur magazine. [Via Small Business Trends.] Tea is listed as a "hot" item. We will be selling quality tea at our internet café. [Editor's note: It is pretty funny to see that EGO is one the first page if you are "googling" for "reasons for being an entrepreneur." I hope that "visitor #119,945" found what he or she was looking for...]

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