Thursday, December 23, 2004


Have you ever tasted Zwack Unicum? First time I had a sip of this liqueur, I thought it tasted like cough syrup. Here is an excerpt from Martin F. Downs's article, Das Ist ein Unikum!

The first sip you ever take sets your palette screaming, "No! This is not for you!" But if you press ahead and finish the glass, you will be glad you did. A warm sensation fills your body; and whereas the palette protests, the gut takes a liking to it immediately. It snuffs heartburn and mollifies a grumpy colon better than any pharmaceutical I've tried. (The Alicubi Journal, 12/20/01.)

It will probably take me some time to acquire a taste for this product, but I must say that I like the success story of the Zwack company. Győri Likőrgyár had to stop selling a product by the name, Hungaricum.

Here is an excerpt from Zwack's web site:

The first signs of political and economic changes brought Peter Zwack back to Hungary to become the first leading capitalist to purchase back a business which had been unlawfully expropriated by the Communist government. In 1990 Peter Zwack resumed production in Hungary of the famous Unicum digestive liqueur according to the original secret family formula. (

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UPDATE 12/26/04:
A couple of sips later and I am getting used to the unique taste of Unicum. The Unicum brand is very strong and the bottle is designed in a way that stands out in the crowd of other spirits. Tamás Tárczy has written a story on Hungarian design.

The well-known Unicum, the herbal digestive liquor from Zwack, comes in a green spherical bottle that makes the drink easy to recognize everywhere. But very few know that this design is unchanged from 1915. In effect, Unicum became unique by staying the same. (The Budapest Sun, Designer details, 12/09/04.)

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