Monday, December 27, 2004


I haven't written a post on Iran for some time, so it is time to underscore the continuous threats from the Mullahs in Iran. I say as Michael Ledeen: "Faster, please."

Martine Gozlan thinks that "the liberation won't come from America, but from women." I am not sure about this statement, after reading that the Iranian parliament is very quiet regarding the issue of the arrested journalists and bloggers. I think that Rob Sama's post, Smart mob war for Iran, is an interesting suggestion on how to conduct warfare.

Captive Audience

Here is a list of reading material:

The New York Sun editorial, Choices on Iran, gives George W. Bush suggestions on how to deal with the Mullahs. [Via DoctorZin's blog - Regime Change Iran.]

Strategically, Mr. Bush could go to the Congress and ask for an emergency appropriation to step up funding for radio, television, and Internet operations against the Iranian regime. He could fund training for Iranian democracy activists similar to the American-funded training given to Ukrainian democracy activists that has paid off so splendidly at Kiev. Yet Mr. Bush temporized, saying, "It's much different between the situation in Iraq and Iran because of this. Diplomacy had failed for 13 years in Iraq." This seemed intended as some kind of explanation of why the Iranian situation had not yet risen to the gravity of the pre-war situation in Iraq. (The New York Sun, 12/23/04.)

UPDATE 12/28/04:
Parthisan, a Persian student in the UK, has translated a post by Iran's Presidential adviser, Mohammad Ali Abtahi. [Link found on Sisu, via InstaPundit.]

Following a call from the President, the constitutional supervision committee -- of which I'm a member -- invited a number of imprisoned bloggers for a meeting to investigate about the way they were treated in prison. Mr Hanif Mazruee, Ghoreishi, Ms Fereshte Ghaazi, Naderpoor and Ms Mahboobeh Mollagholi attended the meeting. They told very important points about the unjustifiable treatment they had received, including: (, 12/28/04.)

Please read my post, BLOGAGANDA BY THE MULLAH, before you conclude that Abtahi is a friend of justice and a true supporter of the Iranian bloggers.

For more information on the political situation, read Bill Samii's analysis, Iran's Reformers Lack Viable Candidate.

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