Sunday, December 14, 2003


I have picked some of my "greatest hits" posts and added them to the "Posts from the Archives" category. I hope both my long-time readers and new visitors will enjoy the selection.

* TAX PRESSURE - Comparison of the tax systems in Sweden and America.
* WAR NOW! - Covering the anti-war demonstrations.
* AMERICAN IN SPIRIT - Standing up for the ideals of the Founding Fathers. Join the American In Spirit Webring!
* DECK OF CARDS - The complete Iraqi Most Wanted list.
* ANNUAL BLOG REPORT - My "blogiversary."
* THE LIBERTARIAN ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT - Ideas have consequences.
* STEEL TARIFFS AND RUST BELT VOTES IN 2004 - Bush the protectionist & pragmatist.
* INTERVIEW WITH JOHN COX & ALLEN FORKUM - EGO interview with the creators of the Black & White World.

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