Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Cyber-terrorists have attacked (distributed denial-of-service attack) Aaron Weisburd's Internet-Haganah @ Hosting Matters. For more information, read Joe Katzman's post, Special Report: Cyber-Attack on Warbloggers. [Via Andrew Sullivan.]

Related: My post, JIHAD ON WWW II.

UPDATE 10/22/03: Support freedom of speech, read Steve's post, Osama Sucks Flatulence out of Dead Hogs @ Little Tiny Lies (backup: Anal Probe, Emergency Home of Little Tiny Lies). [Via The Laughing Wolf (backup: The official emergency site of the Laughing Wolf).] Read Charles Johnson's post, Another DOS Attack.

UPDATE 10/28/03: Another attack on October 30? Read Jim's post @ Snooze Button Dreams. [Via InstaPundit.] I have added Internet-Haganah.US to the War on Terrorism category.

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