Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Signature "JGWillis" has made a comment on my post, SCHWARZENEGGER FOR GOVERNOR? He thinks that the Libertarian movement shouldn't be called "hippies of the right" any longer. He says that he doesn't "know of any libertarians who are anarchists anymore." How about the following bunch then? Here is a small sample from the Net: "Libertarians 4", "Vote Libertarian.US/antiwar", and "". Please read my post, THE WAR ON TERROR. For a longer analysis, read Andrew Dalton's posts, Libertarian Watch and The Libertarians Strike Back.

"JGWillis" argues that the Libertarian party "is the only party with a platform that is consistently for smaller government." I believe in a limited form of government (military defense, police force, and court of law) and its important role as a protector of the individual's rights. The Libertarian movement is working like an umbrella organization trying to catch as many people as possible who are against the state and for "liberty". The recent project is according to my view another example on how the Libertarian movement is trying to do a pragmatic quick-fix and take the power in a certain state by short-range tactics, instead of fighting for long-range results. Do a search on the Internet and read what happened with the "floating sea city - Oceania." If you want to have one more example, read about "Libertarians For Dean" in Skip Oliva's post, Libertarians Run Amok.

I went the long and hard way via different political associations, until I found an integrated system of ideas. I met some individual libertarians (with a small "l"), who were serious enough and became real champions for individualism, freedom and capitalism. But I also met many libertarians (called neo-liberals in Sweden) who were more interested in pushing a nutty agenda, including supporting "kiddie p0rn", "right to engage in a duel in order to resolve a conflict", "brewing your own liquor at home", and taking property rights out of context by discussing "the Desert Island Problem."

I must admit that I don't know so much about Neal Boortz and his view on government. I haven't listened to his talk show. I have listened a bit on Rush Limbaugh and I must say he his a mixed bag. I would prefer to pick a talk show host like Andrew Lewis (not on the air at the moment) or Prodos instead.

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