Sunday, June 8, 2003


What are your plans for the summer? The Al Qaeda network and the supporters of militant Islam are not taking "vacation" according to the article, Al Qaeda�s Summer Plans, in Newsweek (June 2 issue). Daniel Pipes clarifies the status of the Al Qaeda movement in his article, Al-Qaeda's Limits:

"The ultimate worry is not Al-Qaeda but a diffuse, global militant Islamic ideology that predates Al-Qaeda's creation, is locally organized and constantly recruits new volunteers."

What's the root of the problem? David A. Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee, writes the following in his article, Seeds of Hate in Saudi Arabia:

"As long as Saudi youth are essentially brainwashed to hate others, truly amicable relations between Saudis and the West will be hard to maintain. Moreover, Saudi schoolbooks and curriculums are actively exported to other Arab and Muslim countries, where Saudi largess funds many schools. Indeed, many Muslim schools in the United States have been built and staffed with Saudi money, opening the door to the spreading of Saudi-sponsored hate on American soil." [Via Watch.]

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UPDATE 06/10/03: Read Zev Chafets' article, Iran: the next battleground against terror. Here is an excerpt: "The biggest Big Truth is that, in this war, the enemy isn't this dictator or that nation. It is radical, anti-American Islam in its various states and guises. Bush's fear of saying so out loud forced him to tell a lot of little white lies about Iraq. That's no way to fight for a just cause."

In the news: Regional Parliament Approving Islamic Law in Pakistan.

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