Monday, July 9, 2012


I am taking a blog break...

I will send an email to the contributors and invite them to write a guest post during the summer. I will highlight the contributors in separate posts in the near future.

  • Kenji Crosland 
  • Richard McLaughlin
  • Ann-Christin Lindstedt
  • Mary Grace Ignacio
  • Exalted Moments
  • Anita Campbell
  • Susan Payton
  • Elizabeth 
  • Sarah Beth 
  • Roland Horvath
  • Cindy 
  • Brett Owens 
  • Kathryn 
  • Palle Frid Svensson 
  • Forkum 
  • Gus Van Horn 
  • Jason Westland 
  • Michael Gold

If you want to become a new guest blogger, please send me an email or write a comment.

I will stop by now and then and be back on a regular blogging schedule in September.

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