Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have been contemplating on my future blogging schedule and I will make a try to organize it a bit more, but I am not sure about the outcome at this stage.

I will try to start with open thread posts in the beginning of the week as a smooth start. I will use John Cox's Say What? illustrations now and then.

I haven't published any photos of Morris lately due to technical problems with the connection between my mobile phone camera and the computer.

Tuesday is tech day. I will write about gadgets, web 2.0, blogging trends, etc. Again, Morris the cat will be included! My brother has bought a cat cam kit, including a GPS tracking device, from a guy in Germany.

I will start again with a wrap-up sampler and mid-week blogrolling post. [Editor's note: I want to send a thank-you note to Jerry Nilson for the suggestion.] I will often refer to Gus Van Horn and Randex. Today I am glad to see a positive review of Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. It is included as #39 of 50 Prosperity Classics by Tom Butler-Bowdon.

I want to try to focus on positive things, but now and then I have to vent about something that happened during the week. Then it is time to use Thor's hammer!

At the end of the week, I will use the odd phrase "Thank God It’s Friday" with posts on the good life, e.g. wine and other beverages, recipes, and "glorious lunch break" (quote by Mary Ann Sures) moments.

I am planning to have my blog talk radio & podcasting show during the weekend.

I look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions on topics. I will write more on financial trading, real money, i.e., gold, precious metals, raw materials and commodities in the future.

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