Monday, September 11, 2006


Five years ago, I sat in an office in the Midwest (Troy, Ohio), when a colleague came and shouted to us: - "Turn on the radio!" I listened and got terrified. During the lunch break I called my parents and some of my friends in Sweden. Then I tried to contact individuals in New York City, e.g., financial trader, Morris Markovitz.

From my post, SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: DON'T FORGET, DON'T FORGIVE...

I took the above picture on my first trip to New York City in 1996. Financial trader Morry Markovitz arranged so I could visit the commodity exchange at the World Trade Center. It was a great experience to walk around on the trading floor and watch capitalism in action! (EGO, 09/11/03.)

Refresher Course

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