Friday, April 8, 2005


Go to Dr. Vino and read the post, Do you prefer your wine red or blue?

The table below shows the political contributions of the big liquor interests. The original data were sorted by amount but I sorted by strength of party contribution to help those consumers who view their wines as red or blue identify the political color of their wine more quickly. (

If you want to buy wine from a "Democrat," you should drink wine from Quintessa. If you want to support a "Republican," you should get a product distributed by Hubert. If you can't decide, maybe Southern Wine & Spirits could be an alternative...

As a new fan of Tokaj wines, I enjoyed reading Ben Curtis's article, Not all Hungarian wines are rotten. Just the great ones. I am definitively interested in learning more about the wine business, and I wouldn't mind working in this field sometime during my career.

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