Monday, August 8, 2005


Click on the link at the bottom of the post for a short audio clip including a quiz and instructions on how to become a guest blogger.

Will my web traffic increase very much after the recent InstaLanche? I don't think so, but I am glad to get the opportunity to "expose" my blog for new potential readers. Go to Politburo Diktat and read Commissar's post, Revolution - Beyond Instalanche. Sissy Willis gave this witty response in her post, "There is a grandeur in this view of life".

Update: Speaking of "grandeur in this view of life," we've been naturally selected by the Professor for a lovely Instalanche. There IS an intelligent designer. (, 08/06/05.)

Talking about linking, here is a "commercial break" from my "sponsor":

[Editor's note to Z.C.: I am still waiting on my "Zionist check"...]

If everything goes as planned, I will take a short trip to Magyarország in the near future. I have got a taste for certain parts of Hungary. I need to have blogging assistance if I am going on a trip. I will contact a couple of fellow bloggers and ask them if they want become guests at the virtual residence of EGO. If you feel the urge to become a guest blogger, listen to the audio clip for instructions.

And now over to the quiz! Who is the person in the picture and where is the plaque located? Listen to the audio clip for the rules and information on the great prize!

Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit is also taking vacation.

TOMORROW will be InstaPundit's fourth bloggiversary. (Click here to see what I was writing about back when it started).

How has the blog changed? You may have a clearer sense of that than I do. I think it's become a bit less opinionated -- the older entries were mostly opinion; now I'm more likely to link to somone's actual reporting, or to an item of news without commenting on it much. I tend to express my longer opinion-oriented takes elsewhere, at TechCentralStation or, rather than here at the blog. ...

The other thing I've learned: To take a vacation from blogging now and then. (, 08/07/05.)

Go to Wayne Hurlbert's Blog Business World and read his post, Blogging goals: Thinking about reasons, for more thoughts on the evolution of blogging.

The important thing is to examine your blog and see if your blogging goals have shifted. If they have, and that is a highly likely event, then your posting topics might require some tweaking as well.

You may even find that your readership has shifted over time, from one group of visitors, to an entirely different one. If your visitors are different from your original traffic, it's important to write posts that appeal to your newer readership. If you want some previous readers to return, perhaps a few posts of interest to them might be in order. (, 08/06/05.)

I make a quick comment in the audio clip on one word in Wayne Hurlbert's post. I value the exchangee of ideas and thoughts with fellow bloggers and readers, due to the fact that ideas in action have consequences on your life. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend you to study the branch of philosophy called epistemology and the mental exercise of concept formation.