Monday, July 18, 2005


Do you want to track the missing link? Go to the List of Referrers category for the top five outgoing links. This service is powered by From the Help page:

MyBlogLog enables you to track that last little bit of information about your website. You probably already know where your users are coming from and you probably already know what pages they're looking at while they're there. However, if you have a blog or any other site where you frequently post new content on the main page, you don't have a good way of tracking what people find interesting. One way is to track when people click on the links you provide. Up until now, outbound link tracking has been a pain in the butt, requiring CGIs and managed links. MyBlogLog makes this process easy. (

You could check my blog's public stats, if you click on the button under the About category. If you want to sign up for the service, click on the button under the Support category.

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