Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Letter to Senators and a Representative on the Health Care Bill

Scott McDonald said in an email communication:
the following [letter] was sent to my representatives urging them to vote no on the health care bill:


The Healthcare legislation currently being considered by the Congress is an affront to the founding principles of the United States. We are a nation where individuals are to be left alone to succeed or fail on their own. The legislation before the Congress violates this principle not only by making me my brother’s keeper, but by explicitly denying me the right to be my own keeper.

-This legislation denies me the right to my own life by putting care decisions in the hands of efficiency boards.

-This legislation denies me the right to my own liberty by denying me the ability to choose my own healthcare insurance.

-This legislation denies me the right to property by extorting my taxes to pay for the care of others.

-This legislation denies me the right to pursue my own happiness, because it makes me a ward of the state.

This legislation is morally wrong. I will actively vote against, and encourage others to vote against, any of my representatives who vote for it.


Scott McDonald

Nice work, Mr. McDonald.