Tuesday, July 28, 2009


[Editor's note: I am still on blog "vacation"... I will write a new post on workflow later on this week and then I will be "quiet" during the rest of the week. I will do some microblogging that you could follow via my FriendFeed on the blog.]

I want to give a shout-out to my guest bloggers. Keep up with your great work! :)

"Hall of fame":

Anita Campbell - Blogger profile. [Editor's note: Anita, Thanks for all your support during these years! Please read Anita Campbell's post, BLOGGING TRENDS -- GOOD AND BAD.]

Allen Forkum - Blogger profile. [Editor's note: Allen, Thanks for all your cartoons during these years! Please listen to my interview with Allen Forkum on Solid Vox.

New guest blogger?

I have sent an invitation to John Cox...

T-Shirt Idea - Capitalism Rocks.

Time for some additional blogrolling...

I have added the following new blogs to my blog list:

I have also added Kendall J's RSS feed of Objectivist Bloggers.

I have added the following sites to my blogroll:

Breitbart blogs. [Editor's note: Breitbart has started to pick up EGO blog posts. Example: Andy Clarkson's post, Are Conservatives Going To Save Socialism Again?]

Forbes Business & Finance Blog Network. [Editor's note: Forbes has started to pick up EGO blog posts. Example: Cindy King's post, Where Is The Best Country To Have A Small Business? I have to check with Adify regarding the Forbes badge link that is not working at the moment.]

My Alltop - Lyceum. [Editor's note: This is my selection of sites. Please come with your tips and suggestions.]

Lego Blogger PictureImage by minifig via Flickr

I am thinking of adding new page elements to the template in the future, so the right column (width 120 px) could appear on the same level as other column (width 160 px). How about a search box, poll, newsreel, video bar or some other gadget?
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  1. Thank you for the "Hall of Fame" shout out, Martin. Your guest posts look great. I will have to read them all!

  2. this blog is very well
    ibnulasimi from ina

  3. Thank you very much Martin. It's my great pleasure to be one of your guest bloggers. :)