Friday, July 24, 2009

Are Conservatives Going To Save Socialism Again?

Based upon what I am reading, it looks like ObamaCare is in serious trouble. Here is a sample from Jennifer Rubin at Pajamas Media:

The air seemed to go out of the ObamaCare balloon Thursday. He was greeted by scathing reviews of his mediocre press conference the night before. Then the House Energy and Commerce Committee for the third time canceled its mark-up on the health care bill, a sure sign the votes just weren’t there. the same time the Intrade futures on "A federal government run health insurance plan to be approved before midnight ET 31 Dec 2009" are in a three week uptrend.

As I write this, Intraders are saying that there is a 49% chance of approval. I think the markets are saying there is a rising chance that the Republicans and conservative Democrats will be the ones to "get something done".

Let us not forget that it was conservative Mitt Romney who got health care done in Massachusetts. Said Romney in a 2006 Wall Street Journal piece:

BOSTON--Only weeks after I was elected governor, Tom Stemberg, the founder and former CEO of Staples, stopped by my office. He told me, "If you really want to help people, find a way to get everyone health insurance." I replied that would mean raising taxes and a Clinton-style government takeover of health care. He insisted: "You can find a way."

I believe that we have. Every uninsured citizen in Massachusetts will soon have affordable health insurance and the costs of health care will be reduced. And we will need no new taxes, no employer mandate and no government takeover to make this happen.

Only a mystic can come up with a something-for-nothing quote like that. USA Today reported recently on the Massachusetts plan.

Three years after mandating that residents get health insurance and requiring employers, insurers and taxpayers to chip in, Massachusetts has yet to control soaring costs that are eating up half its budget....

Dealing with cost and quality has proved trickier. Higher health care costs fueled a combined $9 billion gap in the state's 2009 and 2010 budgets that had to be closed last month, leaving less for education, public safety, the environment and other services...

Conservatives are a bigger enemy than Obama.


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