Monday, February 9, 2009


Check out Ayn Rand Center's new blog, Voices for Reason. Here is an excerpt from Debi Ghate's post, Welcome to Voices for Reason:

Hello, I’m Debi Ghate, Vice President of Academic Programs. The team of ARC writers and I are excited that our new blog, “Voices for Reason” is now up and running.Visit us often as we’ll be sharing our take on today’s most pressing questions, and bringing other items of potential interest to our readers. It’s our goal to make VFR the go-to source for anyone interested in promoting and protecting individual rights, and for getting ARI’s unique perspective on the state of our culture. Every week day, we’ll be posting new commentary–on topics such as the financial crisis, environmentalism, foreign policy, free speech, property rights–commentary informed by Ayn Rand’s distinctive philosophical system, Objectivism. We’ll also be exploring what principled solutions Objectivism offers for tackling today’s political, economic and cultural problems. (, February 9, 2009.)


  1. Interesting how Ayn Rand lives on.

    I was in the bookstore recently and saw her book "Atlas Shrugged" being highlighted as non-fiction bestseller summer reading. They had a dozen books copies, with a lot of shelf space given over to Ayn Rand.

  2. Anita,

    Where did you find Atlas Shrugged? Was it in a small book shop or at big bookstore chain?

    If you are interested in following "the latest news and commentary on
    Ayn Rand and Objectivism" please check out Randex.