Thursday, January 6, 2011


About three years ago I got tricked by a site called Quechup. From my post, QUECHUP AFFECT:

[Editor's note to my contacts in my Gmail address book: Quechup has automatically sent out invitations from my address book. I am sorry if I have caused you any form of inconvenience. I will contact everyone who replied to "my" email invitation and registrated at Quechup. It will take some time...] 

And now it has happened again... This time the site is called ShoppyBag. I hope that I haven't "forwarded" any spam to your inbox...

From Julianne Pepitone's post, What the hell is ShoppyBag:

A GMail help thread from 2009 is full of people complaining that ShoppyBag is a social networking type of site that spammed their contact lists: “Do not sign up at shoppybag. I did a few days ago after an invitation form [sic] a family member, and I woke up this morning with automated invitations to EVERYONE on my contacts list. Do not provide your account and password to shoppybag.” (CNNMoney Tech Tumblr, November 23, 2010.)

How do you protect yourself against this kind of spam?

UPDATE: I learned from the thread ("Will the Shoppybag email scam be able to get my personal information from my stored emails?") on the Google help forum that you could revoke a third-party access to your email contacts by going to your personal settings and then click on the link to "Change authorized websites" and you will see a list of websites with an "Authorized Access to your Google Account."

UPDATE 01/09/11: Read Gus Van Horn's post, 1-8-11 Hodgepodge.

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