Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What kind of technology trends do you think will be leading this year? I think that we will see more and more applications for people on the go, and the digital consumption will be catered and personalized to the user of the mobile device. The iPad and other computer tablets have changed the reading behavior and you could see how businesses are jumping on the board. Here is an excerpt from William Fenton's article, Bytes and Bites: Restaurants Put iPads to Work:

At Chicago Cut, an upscale steakhouse, customers use iPads to pair wines. A custom app allows patrons to peruse the restaurant's 750 wines, search by price, variety, and regions, and review detailed descriptions of wine taste. Especially inquisitive connoisseurs can even pin the winery on a Google Map. David Flom, the restaurant's managing partner, sees material gain from the virtual integration. (PCMag.com, January 4, 2011.)

Have you tested the social magazine application called Flipboard? From Robert Scoble's post, The New Version Of Flipboard Has Arrived, But It's Not The One I'm Waiting For:

But it’s not the version I’m waiting for.

What version is that? The one that will filter through all of these social networks and use the technology they purchased when they acquired the Ellerdale Project to really find the good stuff out of the thousands of items that are aimed at me every day. (Business Insider, December 17, 2010.)

ReadWrite Enterprise channel has looked at how "technology could disrupt the enterprise in 2011" by citing Constellation's Research Outlook for 2011. I want to take a quote from the mobile category:

  • IT will support at least two or three mobile devices per person: smart phones, laptops and maybe tablets or other specific use devices.

  • Organizations will get serious about mobilizing apps and embrace the platforms to support mobility.

  • Android will become more enterprise friendly by fixing major manageability issues.(ReadWriteWeb.com, January 4, 2011.)

What do you think of Larry Genkin's prediction for "the biggest digital marketing trend of 2011"?

This changing of the technology distribution guard will also result in the largest media change of fortune since the advent of the cable industry in the 1970′s. Now individuals can launch their own TV/Radio Station or Magazine/Newspaper for literally a few thousand dollars. (ThoughtLeadershipMarketing.com, January 4, 2011.)

In an upcoming post, I will write about my EGO podcast show on Blog Talk Radio and tell you why I have decided to "go premium"...

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