Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I wonder that the members of the management team of iDate in Las Vegas, Nevada, were thinking they could accomplish by this kind of tricky and automatically "sweeping" invitation system. I am sure that their slogan ("stand out from the crowd") will be implemented by their actions, but I am not sure it will be positive reactions from other social networks around the world. I am guessing it will result in a negative "ketchup effect" and a backlash against them. This incident has given me food for thought and I will take this into consideration when we create our new Blue Chip business network online, including a community with a forum.

[Editor's note to my contacts in my Gmail address book: Quechup has automatically sent out invitations from my address book. I am sorry if I have caused you any form of inconvenience. I will contact everyone who replied to "my" email invitation and registrated at Quechup. It will take some time...]

Here is an excerpt from C.C. Chapman's post, Quechup Just Spammed My Address Book. [Hat tip to Barry Campbell.]

I got an invite to check out Quechup from a podsafe artist that I dig so I figured I’d check it out, sign up and see what happens. None us need another social network site, but I also think signing up for an account just to check it out is a good thing.

I had it check my address book and it found a whopping 2 people on the network I knew. I sent them friend requests and then proceeded to check out the rest of the site.

Fast forward a few minutes and my inbox starts filling up with auto return messages, out of office messages and all sorts of other things. I couldn’t figure out what was going on and it turns out that this system WITHOUT MY PERMISSION just sent invites to my whole address book. (CC-Chapman.com, 09/01/07.)

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