Monday, December 31, 2007


I have updated the EGO template with some new features. [Editor's note: A nice upgrade of the layout will occur during next year. It will be a top of the line thing and the perfect "icing on the cake". For a "mysterious" clue, read my post, WARCRAFT...]

I have added the feature "popular pages today" under the Post from the Archives section. Feedjit gives recommendations ("Visitors to this page also liked") in the List of Links category if you want to browse the web. Talking about recommendations, check out Bloggers Blog. (Via Feedjit Blog.) [Editor's comment: Do you agree with Greg "Daily Gut" Gutfield's post, Blogs Are Overrated? My wish for the new year is that Ahmadinejad is ending his blogging due to a natural cause...]

You could now see where my readers are coming from the live traffic feed and map. [Editor's comment: Globalization, baby! EGO blog could reach for the 200,000 visits milestone if I count the start of 2008 according to the Chinese calendar on February 7... ;)]

Talking about rats, have you seen Ratatouille?

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  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Hey! Thanks for linking back to my Carnival. It's much appreciated.