Saturday, December 8, 2007


I think it is time for some "Chuck Norris action" in the Middle East. Here is an excerpt from Robert Tracinski's article, NIE Report is Propaganda Victory for Iran.

This report has virtually foreclosed the possibility that President Bush will use military force against Iran before he leaves office--even if he wants to do so. Even in this day and age, when Congress no longer has the courage to declare war on our enemies and cedes the initiative on the use of force to the commander in chief, the president still has limits on his power. He must at least have significant support in Congress before he launches any new military assault--and this report will wipe out any such support for strikes against Iran. (Real Clear Politics, 12/06/07.)

[Editor's note: I have to paraphrase Michael Ledeen's slogan: "Faster, Please!" with replacing the kind word with a strong word... "Faster, Dammit!" I usually don't use harsh and swear words, but you have to speak up, before it is to late...]