Monday, June 24, 2002


President Bush has stated that it is ok to create a new terrorist state. What do you think about this statement by Bush:

"I can understand the deep anger and despair of the Palestinian people. For decades you've been treated as pawns in the Middle East conflict."

Don't you think that the majority of the Palestinians are in favor of Arafat's terror regime? Why should Israel cave in to the demands by the terrorists? I don't think that you should negotiate with the enemy. The Detroit News has a good editorial, Don't Reward Terror with Palestinian State. Scott Lindlaw at The Washington Post has a piece on President Bush's "plan" for the Middle East. For a rational approach, read the editorial, Israel Has A Moral Right To Its Life. Why reason and justice are on Israel's side. [Via Fredrik Norman.] Here is a great quote by Yaron Brook and Peter Schwartz:

"The growing demand for Israel to negotiate with Arafat comes from an unprincipled, range-of-the-moment mentality. Surrendering to extortion�which the "land-for-peace" catechism endorses�is profoundly immoral and impractical."