Wednesday, June 5, 2002


You could find plenty of interesting "stuff" at Glenn Reynolds' blog InstaPundit. Here are two things: "Intelligent Design Theory" and "The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement."

The "Intelligent Design Theory" is another name for religious propaganda camouflaged with pseudo-science. Go to Ohio Citizens for Science and sign the petition against the proposal to include "Intelligent Design" creationism into the K-12 public school science standards. Read Robert Tracinski's article, The Bible Belt�s Assault on Education - The Kansas Evolution Policy Attacks the Essence of Education: The Teaching of Facts and Reasoning, Not Feelings or Faiths.

Listen to a debate with the man-hater, Les U. Knight from The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. On a related topic, read Robert Tracinski's article, The "Green" Unabomber
Is the Unabomber an Environmentalist?