Thursday, June 6, 2002


The Washington Post has a story on Amtrak's financial problems. It is time to privatize the whole railroad industry! The great businessman, Cornelius Vanderbilt, went into the railroad business when he was 70 years old! Here is a quote from Edwin A. Locke's book, The Prime Movers - Traits of the Great Wealth Creators:

"By age 76, he had consolidated a number of inefficient, competing railroads into the New York Central system, which became one of the most efficiently run and profitable railroads in the world." ["Independent Vision," The Prime Movers, page 38.]

Ayn Rand's character Dagny Taggart in the novel, Atlas Shrugged, knows how to run a railroad! Read a sample chapter from Andrew Bernstein's CliffsNotes guide, Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Read an excerpt from the novel, Atlas Shrugged.