Sunday, June 2, 2002


I wrote a post on "climate change" on May 28. I wonder if the Bush administration has taken advice from some guys in an igloo... According to a flash report by Matt Drudge, the administration has changed their views on "global warming." To get the whole story, read Andrew C. Revkin's article, Climate Changing, U.S. Says in Report, in The New York Times.

Read Den Beste's analysis on the Kyoto Protocol and the green movement's doomsday mentality. Here is a great quote:

"There are people out there who hate everything that the industrial revolution has brought us. They think we're too rich; they think we're too comfortable. There are too many of us. They want to turn back the clock, make the human race smaller again, or if that can't be done at least make it so that the human race uses less. It takes different guises."

Check out The Ayn Rand Institute's micro-site, Environmentalism: The Anti-Industrial Revolution.