Monday, August 8, 2011


Who would you nominate as a small business influencer? It is time to point out the heroes of capitalism! In a post in 2009, I highlighted Victor Borge as a hero of show business.

Have you voted for the "Small Business Influencer 2011" yet? This event is presented by Small Business Trends and Small Biz Technology.

Here is an excerpt from Hilary A.'s interview with Anita Campbell:

Have you, in your own business, had an experience with an influencer that really made an impact on your outlook or way you approached a challenge?
I have been influenced in hundreds of ways. Consider the technology products we use in my business. We couldn’t have built the business and achieved the success we’ve had, were it not for inexpensive yet powerful technology. We run websites and online communities as a business – I couldn’t imagine doing so without reliable hosting, a dedicated Web design and development team, open source software such as WordPress™, savvy Internet marketers and social media. Behind all of that technology are companies and people with vision – they ultimately made it possible for my business to thrive.
Just imagine if we’d had to launch this initiative in the days before social media such as Twitter and Facebook®. There’s no way we could have built up this level of community support in the space of a month, without social media. We’d have needed a multimillion-dollar TV deal, plus a magazine and newspaper ad campaign to spread the word.
(, July 5, 2011.)

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