Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Ze Frank's site, Star.me is now officially in open beta stage, and I got a present by answering today's "Mission of the Day":

What was the last book you read? Write the title and sum it up in ONE word.

[Editor's note: I wrote the word, "Unfolding". Could you guess the rest of the book title?]

This site could become a great source of #GoodThing stuff in my worklife. Here is an excerpt from Chris Dannen's article, Star.me Makes the Web Messier, More Fun:

The "joy" of the site, says Frank, is that when your stars accumulate for a while, "the important stuff is going to inevitably surface." By the "important stuff," he means the "why" that sits between you and your friend. Why are you friends? What do you like about each other? Frank says Facebook has done a good job establishing connections between users and the people, brands and artists they like, but that a friend request or "Like" button doesn't say anything about why that connection exists.
Frank, who defines Star.me as "light playspace," says that underneath the fantastical HTML5 graphics is actually "large scale system about identity, relationships and the stuff we appreciate about each other." Naturally, he adds, it's going to be messy.
(FastCompany.com, March 14, 2011.)

I gave Maria Gustafsson (@MikuaMaria) a You're Awesome Star and Sina Farhat (@Belola) an Artist star. If you want to give me a gold star, please check out my Kudos page on EGO Sole Trader.

Ze Frank's web playroom

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