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After I listened to Marie Axelsson's talk at WebCoast [via Sundhult blog], I have decided to reactivate my Flattr account. Maria said that some podcasters have been very successful in getting micro-donations. Flattr describes its service in the following way:

Flattr is a social micropayments system enabling you to easy share money to support things you like and to get support from your fans.

I am searching for sponsors for my EGO Podcast show in order to cover the premium host package ($39 per month) in the first place. In the future, I want to add more features to my show, e.g., transcripts, and also invest in better equipment for the radio show, e.g., a new headset.

If you want to support a "poor" capitalist and a "trader in matter & spirit," please click the Flattr button, or send a donation to my PayPal account via ChipIn.

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As a "tea drinking podradio enthusiast," I had a session on podcasting, together with Anders Nyman and Christian Dahlqvist.

Ego at WebCoast - Unconference for web enthusiasts.

IMG_7267.jpg by Sina Farhat - Webcoast
IMG_7267.jpg, a photo by Sina Farhat - Webcoast on Flickr.
Photo by Sina Farhat. The photo is located on WebCoast's photostream by Sina Farhat.

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