Monday, June 29, 2009


I didn't manage to write a workflow post for week 26. My "deadline" (July 4) for the implementation of my workflow system is getting close and I must admit that I will have a hard time to finish in time. I have a huge backlog of papers and other material that I have to go through.

With that said, my regular blogging could become pretty "lite" during the month of July and August. I already "warned" about this in my annual blog report post. I hope I could find some guest bloggers that could fill in a bit. I will continue with some microblogging like Twitter and FriendFeed. I will also be active on other blogs writing comments. I have a couple of pieces in the pipeline for Open Forum blog.

I recommend you to read Steve Rubel's post, Frequently Asked Questions About This Lifestream. It is interesting how an "A-list" blogger like Steve Rubel is changing his blogging pattern and starts to integrate plenty of bits and pieces into one big lifestream with a reference to Leonardo Da Vinci. He has picked Posterous for his new hybrid of publishing stuff online.

Lately I have been shifting more of my reading/sharing to my iPhone. Some days I probably spend as much time or more time browsing the web from my mobile device than I do my laptop. Now that I have a new iPhone 3GS, I also want to do more with photos and video. Posterous seems like the great hybrid solution since I can share things in different places based on context and easily do so through via email. (, June 21, 2009.)

I think that Steve Rubels ideas are well aligned with the "getting things done" method in that you should do the right stuff at the right moment depending on where you are located at the moment. Personally, I am doing almost all my blogging sitting at the computer desk. I have done a little bit of blogging when I am around and about, for example, sitting at a coffee place with a subnotebook. In order for me to start to blog on the go and in different places, I need to have reliable and user friendly tools, like a really "smart" smartphone and a small portable video camera. What's your take on iPhone 3GS, Flip Ultra HD and Kodak Zx1?

Here is an informative illustration from Steve Rubel's post, A Lifestreaming Workflow.

[Editor's note to self: I have to check out Zemanta.]

A new trend that could be coming along nicely is audio microblogging for your worklife. [Via BizSugar.] I will test Chirbit and Ipadio so I could start broadcasting and adding my own audio files on my blog.