Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am pretty tired of politics, after following today's European Parliament elections...

Sign: "Vallokal" ("Election building" in Swedish.)
[Editor's comment: Do you see the shadow of the photographer?! ;)]

I didn't know if I should bother to cast my vote, but I ended up voting for Libertas.

From Michael Seaver's article, One party for all of Europe? Libertas debuts in EU Parliament election:

Libertas has suggested streamlining the vast number of regulations and laws that are passed in the European Parliament. It is proposing a "two-for-one" rule, so that for every law that politicians want to introduce, they have to produce two existing, unnecessary regulations for deletion. These new laws would be introduced for a fixed term, and any not reviewed during that term would automatically be deleted. (June 3, 2009,

Before the election I went to EU Profiler site and went through a sample of questions in order to "discover my position in the political landscape." As often with these kind of tests, you could end up with the "wrong" party. I got the result that I should vote for the Swedish "pirates" on a local level and "Free Citizens' Party" if I have lived in Czech Republic.

A positive thing with America is that you don't have to pay too much attention to politics. I must state for the record that I think America is still the freest country in the world, overall, and I want to live a daily life with a surrounding of a positive sense-of-life.

Morris the cat is wondering if you have watched Peter-No-Tail in Americat.

The movie is mainly about what happens to someone from another country who is not used to the life in a big city. Nevertheless, Peter-No-Tail is still a kind-hearted cat to everyone even if the other cats are not nice to him. Everything seems possible in America, even the prospect of finally having a proper tail and a sweetheart to call one's own. ( / Wikipedia, 2008.)

Now comes the quest to find the "optimal" place in the United States of America. Where do you think that I would fit the best? I have lived in New England (Manchester, New Hampshire) and in the Midwest (Troy, Ohio). I will start to get updates from these places, but I am also interested to explore new areas. I am open to relocate to different places during time. I want to learn more about the following "stuff" for different places:

  • Job market
  • Small business climate
  • Tax situation and economy
  • Local politics
  • Culture and history
  • Good life activities
  • Transportation conditions and infrastructure
  • Weather climate

I look forward to hear from you!