Saturday, June 21, 2008


From my other blog, Martin Lindeskog Market:

In the spirit of Aristotle's school, Lyceum, I have "walked about" as the Peripatetics and enrolled with the Success University. (, 06/13/08.)

I want to give a shout-out to my upline and the person who introduced me to Toastmasters, Paul van der Vliet. I have had a short lecture on blogging with Paul and he has now started his own blog called Paul's Free Speech. Please pay a visit at his new home in cyberspace and give him a warm welcome to the blogosphere! I want to thank Jason Gillot for arranging the telephone conference call with Prab Paul in England and for giving me a head start with a new team member, Bert Verdonck.

The first course I listened to was Vision Becomes Reality by Jim Britt. I am thinking of purchasing his book, Do This. Get Rich!

On a related note: Listen to the interview with Jean Moroney if you are interested to learn more about thinking tactics.