Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Here is an announcement on Scott Powell's site Powell History:

The Islamist Entanglement starts February 20th! Live classes in this latest exciting installment of A First History for Adults™ will run Wednesday evenings by teleconference, so don't delay your registration. Learn more on the course webpage. (PowellHistory.com)

The whole course has ten lectures (15 hours in total). The regular price for the course is $249 ($199 for students). If you want to have a sample of the course, try a single lecture for $20. [Editor's note: Please come back and read an update of this post. Scott Powell has told me that he has an idea for a special offer for European customers.]

The first lecture starts in 1683 in Vienna... [Editor's comment: Get a croissant, bagel and a cup of coffee and dig into the course! Maybe the readers of Gates of Vienna could be interested in this lecture?]

UPDATE 02/20/08:

Here is Scott Powell's special offer:

Here's my offer to new European students of Powell History. The first respondent from any European country that e-mails me at: scott@powellhistory.com will be able to hear the first lecture of the course for free. Then, if they are interested to continue, they can take the course for $100 OFF ($149, instead of $249!!!).

The offer is only open to the first person that snaps it up from each separate country. To get the free lecture, advise people to send me an e-mail with their country name in the title, e.g. something like "Powell History *Denmark* Offer". That way I can easily tell who's first and what countries have responded by scanning my inbox.

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