Thursday, July 6, 2006


Lee Sandstead is planning to visit Gothenburg, Sweden, for two lectures on art. Here is the preliminary schedule:

  • Friday, August 25: Arrival to Gothenburg. Dinner with fellow Objectivists at a restaurant in the city of Gothenburg.

  • Saturday, August 26: In the morning, a lecture on the Use Value of Art. Then a break for lunch. In the afternoon a lecture on Evelyn Beatrice Longman. If the weather permits, we will do a short guided tour in the evening and maybe check out some interesting attractions, e.g., statues located in the center of Gothenburg, and then having dinner at restaurant.

  • Sunday, August 27: Brunch for individuals who want to stick around and discuss the event.

My company, Egoist International Business Coordinator, is organizing the activity in cooperation with the Association for Objectivism ("Föreningen För Objektivismen"). The lectures will take place at Blue Chip Café.

The total price for both the lectures will be around USD $70 (SEK 500, EUR 55, GBP £38). You could find pretty cheap hotel and youth hostel rooms in the area. Please send me an email with your pre-registration, or if you want to have more information.

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