Saturday, March 18, 2006


I have written this post as a mental "tie break" due to the "overtime" work with plenty of stuff... [Editor's note to self: Morris could give you instructions on how to relax...]

I was searching the blogosphere in order to find a blogger who writes about a start-up adventure. I found a blog describing his start of a café somewhere in America, but I can't find the blog at the moment. I should have made a mental note or bookmark...

We have now sent in the application for serving coffee, tea, baked goods, and "cold" ready-made food (e.g., two slices of bread, ham, and a slice of cheese put together and heated up, i.e., a toast) to the bureaucrats at the "environmental & food" agency. We have ordered broadband telephony / internet access. Blue Chip Café will have wireless hotspot so you could surf the net with your mobile smartphone (e.g., Qtek 9100 / HTC Wizard), or a laptop. I will purchase a espresso machine, coffee bean grinder and hot water tank for tea, next week.

We are planning to have a special event on May 1 (Labor Day in Sweden). We will work hard on marketing our business during next month by updating our web site, do the final touches of the logotype and create an outdoor sign for the café, and talking with a PR and marketing firm.

Blue Chip Café
"Ask for Ideas in Gothenburg" / Blue Chip Café / IdeaTank. Click on the image for a description of the photo.

I will send an invitation to Toiler of Acid Free Paper to visit our place in Gothenburg. Read his post, Café Society.