Saturday, October 22, 2005


Morris has been wondering what has happened with the October's Book of the Month...

This Book of the Month will be renamed the Book of the Moment due to today's date. It could be the case that I keep the book as next month's pick too. And now, without further ado, here is the book:

I received John R. Little's book, The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer, in the mail this week, and I have started to read the first part (Art and Philosophy) of the book. Here is an excerpt from chapter 2, A Question of Character: The Objectivist Versus the Machiavellian. [Editor's note: You could read an article version (dated 06/22/02) of the chapter on Mike Mentzer's site.]

If you choose to hold character building as an important part of your "body" building, you'll come to realize that character is formed by the choices you make; how you choose to think and act holds significant (and often enduring) import. It is the power of choice and the power inherent in your choices that serve to mold you, your life, your character, and your legacy. Act with character, and time will be your eloquence. (Page 32.)

Part II is titled Bodybuilding Science, Part III History, and Part IV Understanding Heavy Duty.

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