Friday, December 31, 2004


I have made my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. Go and read Scott A. McConnell's article, What Is The Meaning of New Year's? Here is an excerpt.

Making New Year's resolutions (and doing so even after failing last year's) stresses that people want to be happy. On New Year's Day many people accept, often more implicitly than explicitly, that happiness comes from the achievement of values. That is why you resolve to be healthier, more ambitious, more confident. You want to enjoy that sense of purpose, accomplishment and pleasure that one feels when achieving values. It is happiness that is the motor and purpose of one's life. It is New Year's, more than any other day, that makes the attainment of happiness more real and possible. This is the meaning of New Year's Day and why it is so psychologically important and significant to people throughout the world. (, 12/30/04.)

I want to thank my readers by quoting Cox & Forkum's post, New Year 2005.

Thanks to our readers for another wonderful year. We appreciate all the links, compliments and even a few of the criticisms. (Cox & Forkum, 12/30/04.)

I want to thank my fellow bloggers, traders, supporters, sponsors and blog partners for a great year!

I also want to thank the individuals who have purchased products from the EGO store and my wish list at Amazon.

UPDATE 01/01/05:
This post is included in this week's edition of Blogger Idol.

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