Monday, August 30, 2004


Read Joseph A. D'Agostino's article, Leftist Radicals Plot GOP Convention Disruptions:

International ANSWER is perhaps the largest radical group organizing protests in New York. It took the lead in organizing anti-war rallies around the country after the Afghanistan invasion until its connections to pro-North Korean Communists became too embarrassing. Then the more mainstream United for Peace and Justice was formed in October 2002, and which also will be protesting in New York. (Human Events Online, 08/30/04.)

Ah, you could always count on the hard-core communists... Partisan Protesters like the Protest Warriors will infiltrate the march. [Via InstaPundit.] For more on Alan Lipton & Kfir Alfia's, read Steve Miller's article, Protest Warriors fuel rage on left.

Urban Blights

Go to The Detroit News if you want to comment on this editorial cartoon.
UPDATE 08/31/04: They included my comment. [Editor's note: Hat tip to Libby Spencer for informing me about Detroit News' Weblog Feedback page.]

Talking about protests, it was a very small group of protesters during George W. Bush's visit to my former hometown Troy, on August 28. [Editor's comment: It's pretty amazing that the rally gathered a crowd as the same size as the population of Troy.] From Gregory Korte's article, President preaches to choir along I-75:

In Troy, uniformed Secret Service agents and a phalanx of Miami County sheriff's deputies dressed in full riot gear held off three-dozen union activists and anti-war protesters who were neatly corralled into a protest area three blocks from the square. The event itself was by ticket only. (The Cincinnati Enquirer, 08/29/04.)

A friend of mine reports as follows:

I don't know where they got the protest info. I don't know of any protesters! There was "no protest" area! Everybody that I know of was thrilled to see him! He gave a great speech here in Troy! On the way to Lima he actually stopped in Sidney @ the Spot Restaurant & got hamburgers, onion rings & pies!

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