Thursday, August 5, 2004


I have added Jackson Crawford's blog, Horror Unheeded, to my blogroll.

This weblog was created in response to those who, whatever their political alignments, insist that the United States of America, the State of Israel, and their allies do not have sufficient basis for waging war on the Islamist nations, and who furthermore insist that the United Nations is a benevolent organization through which peace can be attained. The author of this weblog maintains that the attacks on America on September 11, 2001, were a declaration of war against Western Civilization by barbarians the menace of whom cannot be quelled by simple legal prosecution. By the very proclamations of their religion, these savages seek death for themselves, a death which we must grant them if we are not to witness the deaths of more innocent people. (Jackson Crawford (Corvvs), 08/05/04.)

Read Mr. Crawford's short story, The Innocent.

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