Monday, March 26, 2012


Listen to my interview with Chris Reimer. You could subscribe to the RSS feed and download the audio file (MP3). You could find EGO podcasts on iTunes.

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Show notes:

00 min. - Bio. introduction.
02 min. - BaconSalt: My post, Bacon Flavored Salt. Chris Reimer's post, Bacon Salt Is In The Hizzy!
04 min. - Kevin Rose, Oink, Google, tea...
10 min. - T-shirt business, RizzoTees.
14 min. - Vice President of Social Media at Falk Harrison.
16 min. - Cold calling...
20 min. - John Jantsch's The Referral EngineCertified NetworkerV.C.P processBNI, Dr. Ivan Misner.
22 min. - Chris Reimer's bio. page. STL Index by Infuz.
27 min. - The Trader Principle.
30 min. - Tr@der Manife$to ("Trader Manifesto").
31 min. - John Morgan's Brand Against the Machine.
32 min. - Rework.
34 min. - Nonfiction and fiction books. Ayn Rand's fiction and nonfiction books.
35 min. - Movies, Star Trek, Scott Holleran.
36 min. - Tweet by Kelly @saucewear:

37 min. - Joe Sorge of AJ Bombers.
38 min. - Gary Vaynerchuk's The Thank You Economy.
41 min. - Chianti wine, Tuscany, Italy. Chris Reimer's tweet:

Enoteca Rinaldi, Lecchi in Chianti, Italy, 9am, on my 3rd cap... on Twitpic
Enoteca Rinaldi

42 min. - Bottle Shock movie.

Alan Rickman and Bill Pullman Argue in Bottle Shock

43 min. - Julio Ricardo Varela @julito77.
45 min. - Foursquare check-in, Orlando, Florida.
46 min. - Location Based Services, Social Media Club, Gothenburg, Sweden.
48 min. - Chris Reimer is working on writing a book...
57 min. - - Bacon - You Like This.

Bacon - You Like This - Rizzo Tees

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