Saturday, April 30, 2011


Today I had a great phone conversation via Skype with Lisa Bruckner, CEO of Hendricks Park. As a chile-head, Lisa's post, How to correctly pronounce 'wasabi', piqued my interest:

This lovely game has continued into my adult life; most surprisingly with the name of my blog Wasabi Nights. When I first named the blog and mentioned it to people, they didn't understand what I meant. I would raise my eyebrows in surprise and say "Wasabi. It's the green paste you eat with sushi." The response was always the same: "oh, you mean wasabi!"

Confused? I was, until I realized my correct pronunciation was incorrect for American vernacular. Wasabi is correctly pronounced "wa-sa-bee." It's pronounced in an elegantly, quick manner. Wa! Sa! Bi! Americans however pronounce it "wu-saaaw-bee" and heavy on the "wasssup" part. (, May 7, 2009.)

I will definitively use a personal style expert in the future. I am in favor of this kind of service. I have had a hard time going to shops in Sweden due to the overall poor customer service, with a few exceptions, e.g., Acqua Limone and The Fair Tailor. I am missing Eddie Bauer from USA and I look forward to test Lands' End's mail order service in Europe.

Read Sameer Reddy's article, Man Shops Net. A duffel-load of new websites provide shopping-skittish guys with a reason to never leave the house again. I found it via @HendriksPark's tweet.

How do you buy matching clothes? Are you "dressed for success"?

Dressed For Success by Roxette.

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