Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I wonder if you could help me with finding new ways of getting a good return on my investment in time and energy when it comes to my social media activities. Today I got an email from Jim Kukral that got my attention, so I gave him in a ring on Skype. It was busy, so we will talk next week. I am reading his book, Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue, at the moment and I want to conduct a podcast interview with him sometime in the future.

I want to engage my visitors, readers, listeners and fellow bloggers in a more active way in the future. I also want get more social media worklife engagements in the long run.

I have tested different advertising programs, but it haven't generated much money yet. It is more like coffee / tea / beer [Editor's note: insert your favorite beverage here.] money... At the moment I am evaluating PopAds and ValueClick Media advertisements.

I joined Forbes Business & Finance Blog Network some years ago, and I have to check the status of the network powered by Adify. I will contact some old advertisers, e.g. Body in Mind, regarding the new ad alternatives by Blogads.

I have also tried different tip-jar systems, but it seems to be hard to motivate people to donate a small sum of money on a regular basis. Recently I tested Flattr, but it is an inactive feature on my blog at the moment.

The third way to get financial support is to get sponsors for your social media activities. I am searching for companies and organizations with products and services that could fit my work as a social media enthusiast and at the same time be of interest to my readers and listeners. I have some things in mind, but you are more than welcome to give me tips and suggestions on stuff that you think could be a perfect match.

How do you increase the rate of ROI and ROE? What do you think about affiliate and referral marketing?

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UPDATE 11/27/10:

Check out the comments on my post on BizSugar.