Sunday, October 17, 2010


It is about a month since the Swedish election. I have mixed feelings about the outcome. In a way, I am happy that Mevin, the octopus got it right, but I don't like that the "dark forces" have entered the arena of mainstream politics. The collectivists have now >10% of the votes. I did warn about this scenario...

It is scary that the "Feminist Initiative" is getting support from Jane Fonda, and that an anti-immigration party is starting to get closer to the 4% level. I am thinking of sending out a signal to these elements, by "personal voting" for a specific candidate who is in favor of immigration and have no problem to let beautiful women in bikinis attend his personal campaign kick-off... Thanks to my friend, Bengt-Ake Harrysson, for mentioning Göran Lindblad. Read Göran Lindblad's speech (The Crimes of Communism Should be Condemned) at the National Press Club. The candidate is ranked highly by the Federation of Private Enterprises. (EGO, PERSONAL VOTING, September 16, 2006.)

In the news:

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