Monday, October 11, 2010


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Timeline with show notes:

[Editor's note: Sorry for my strange voice with an "acoustic feedback" / "doubling effect". I will send an email to Blog Talk Radio.]

(~01:00) Bio. introduction.

(~03:00) Sabrina Parsons's & Tim Berry's book, 3 Weeks to Startup.

(~08::00) All Business Plans Are Wrong.

(~12:00) Venture Cup

(~17:00) Twitter has 145 million users.

(~24:00) Social CRM and Brent Leary.

(~26:00) Business Plan Pro.

(~27:00) World Trade Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. 9/11 9 YEARS LATER.

(~36:00) Angel investor group.

(~37:00) Jason Fried and Rework.

(~39:00)10 Lessons Learned in 22 Years of Bootstrapping.

(~41:00) Source of inspiration. [Editor's note: Click the Amazon affiliate links, if you want to support my blogging.] Favorite books: ...

UPDATE 10/11/10:

[Editor's note: I will update the timeline with more show notes in the near future...]

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