Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Here is an excerpt from Jennifer Iannolo's post, My New Mission:

I am excited about this new phase, because a whole new universe of sensory discovery awaits. I’ve heard from enough of you publicly and privately to know that I am not alone in this need for something beyond survival. If you are struggling, know that I’ve heard you.

In fact, I’ve told Oprah about you.

Oprah is currently holding an open casting call for a new star on her OWN network, so I’ve uploaded an audition video to her site announcing my mission to create a show to help people with chronic illness live a delicious life — where the illness takes a back seat to LIVING. (, June 28, 2010.)

Click the link and vote for Jennifer's audition video, so she could become Oprah's next star...

Have you tasted my drink dedicated to Jennifer Iannolo of Food Philosophy?