Sunday, April 11, 2010


It is time to spring forward, jumping on the springboard and start getting busy with spring cleaning... I have as a goal to get everything in the right buckets and to have a clean working space within four weeks.
On May 7 is my 8th blogiversary and time for the annual blog report.

Morris in the washing-up sink
Morris will help me with the cleaning!

I have had my iPhone for about a month now and I am slowly getting used to it. I see it more as a multi-tool than a regular mobile phone. [Editor's note: Do you use MobileMe? I got a free trial for 60 days. I am not sure that I will continue with this service.]

I have to take some time and explore iTunes and update the iPhone to the 3.1.3 software version, so I could use Tod's iPhone application called Goal Meter.

In order to get back on track with my workflow, I really have to take time for my weekly review. I recently joined the "OProducers @" and I look forward to get tips and suggestions on worklife productivity.

I have to take care of my email inbox in the near future. I look forward to read Merlin Mann's forthcoming book, Inbox Zero. Have you read Inbox Detox by Marsha Egan?

I have "lent" time for introspection and I have to invest more time on this in the future. I will sit down and draw a mind map. I will get inspiration by reading Unfolding the Napkin: The Hands-On Method for Solving Complex Problems with Simple Pictures by Dan Roam.

Do you want to see a sign of the spring season? Check out my post, SARIT GAT, on my other blog...

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  1. Good for you, Martin, to do some spring cleaning of your inbox!

    PS, seeing the size of your inbox makes me not feel so bad about mine (also ridiculously large). :-)

    - Anita

  2. Anita,

    Thanks for your support! :)

    My different "boxes" (in-basket, email inbox, tickler file, reference system and project folders) will be managed in due time and I will then keep them in order. I have to re-read my post, Productivity Tools For Your Worklife, on Open Forum! ;)