Monday, September 1, 2008


How are you spending Labor Day? The members of the "working class" and the labor unions are taking a day off on May 1st in order to wave red flags and shouting proletarian slogans.

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The Heat Is On


  1. "Labor Day' is really just another cost to employers wherever the government is allowed to have the say-so.

    Government employees all have off, and many businesses, but not all of them.

    'Labor Day' is Greek to hotel and restaurant staffs, for instance.

  2. I doubt that most employees are waving flags and shouting power to the proletariat slogans on Labour Day. I suspect barbeques are much more likely.

    Statutory holidays give employees something to look forward to as no days off beyond the standard weekends or shift days can lower morale. Sometimes benefit to the employer can be in terms beyond the pay for one day missed.

    Happy employees are more productive employees, far outweighing the cost of one day of lost production.