Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I will start the wrap-up post by mentioning some tech stuff that could have been published for yesterday's post.

Are you planning to start using Google's new browser called Chrome? I remember when I was using the old text-only browser called Lynx.

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I will start using Twitter's search engine in order to get inspiration for material for new blog posts and Twitter messages.

Here are some interesting links:

The Motley Fool investment site is mentioning BB&T as a stock recommendation.

It's not often you find an institution that allows the free-market philosophy to permeate its operations as much as financial-services company BB&T (NYSE: BBT) does. It made headlines a few years ago when it refused to offer loans for commercial projects on private lands that had been seized under eminent-domain laws. It's also funded university grants for the study of Atlas Shrugged author Ayn Rand and her pro-capitalist school of thought. (, 09/02/08.)

Read Myrhaf's post, Sarah Palin's Speech, and then John Cox's post, McCain Chooses Miss Congeniality.

For a background material, read Scott Holleran's interview with John McCain from 1999. It is time to paraphrase Peggy Noonan and say: "It's over." The outcome of the election looks doomed. Have you started to buy canned goods? [Editor's note: I am not endorsing the libertarian slant of "LibertyManiacs" by linking to them.]

As a wrap-up of this post, read Gus Van Horn's post, Quick Roundup 360. He is covering Paul Graham, Chrome, Boston, etc.